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Spring is on it’s way: a season of rebirth, revival, hope, new beginnings and new opportunities. With the warmer weather, more hours of sunshine and increased energy levels its a perfect time to do one of our courses. If you haven’t already take a look at our website to see what’s on offer.
Great news, Holly our Total Barre, Total Fitness and Aerial Flow Yoga Instructor has completed her Stott Pilates Matwork certification passing with flying colours (96% to be precise) and is already teaching classes. Well done!
We would also like to advise all clients that from the 7 -16th April the studio is closed for Easter.
Spring a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be!

Delicious Recipe


You only need Banana and Coconut to make these Samosa Cookies??
Thanks to @michi.fadda & @giallozafferano 

Ingredients :
1 ripe banana
70g of grated coconut

Combine the two ingredients in a bowl and mash the banana with a fork until the mixture is smooth.
Create discs by using a pastry cutter. with a smaller cutter make a hole in the center.
Bake at 180° static for 15/20 minutes or until golden brown.
Once cooled, melt chocolate in a bain-marie and decorate with the help of a pastry bag.

Top Exercise


Spine Twist
The Spine Twist is a Pilates Matwork exercise that emphasises rotation of the spine. It strengthens your oblique muscles and spine extensors. It helps to improve posture in a seated position and lengthen the spine against the pull of gravity. It will help to train the body to move from the centre when performing rotation actions, instead of the hips or shoulders.

Start seated upright, legs long and together, feet dorsiflexed (see image above). Arms are reaching out to the side with the palms facing down.
Inhale to prepare and really try to lengthen the spine as much as possible.
Exhale for three counts rotating the spine with as minimal movement in the pelvis as possible and without adjusting the position of the shoulders and arms. Rotate maximally on the first count and continue to lengthen and increase the rotation for the other two counts, releasing slightly between.
Inhale lengthen and return to center.
Repeat to the other side.

The Spine Twist is also an excellent exercise for increasing your lung capacity, as it teaches us to keep the breath expansive when wringing out the abdominal muscles.

Helpful Tips

Healthy Habits Picture scaled 1

Losing weight and building leaner muscles

? Life is movement  – yes you lose weight by working out, and conditioning the body is vital but life doesn’t end when you leave the gym/studio. Think in terms of calories, a healthy weight loss is 2 pounds a week which means we’d need to burn 7,000 calories, yes 7,000 calories just for those 2 pounds (that’s 1,500 calories per pound). Now an average workout burns around 300-500 calories, say we work out 3x a week thats 900-1,500 calories gone in a week.
But what about the remainder of the 7,000 calories we need to burn?
That comes from our everyday movement. It’s not enough to go all out for 30mins and think that’s enough, you have to incorporate more movement into your day. For ideas check out this post on our Instagram page @corpostudio.in

? Add weight training into your workouts – don’t worry lifting weights won’t make you bulky. It actually creates lean muscles which increases your resting metabolism, this means you to burn more calories even at rest after your workout, helping to trim excess weight. Start off with light weights and build as you gain strength.

? Be accountable – when you make yourself accountable your more likely to be consistent. Include a friend or family member in on your journey. Even if it’s only for support, make a contract with yourself and ask they to help you out.

? Take pictures and measurements – this way you can track your progress and celebrate your achievements. A word of warning though, do not weigh yourself everyday, once a week is more than enough. An unhealthy obsession can be detrimental and in worse cases cause eating disorders.

It’s not going to be easy. It’ll take determination, patience and consistency to see results and those results won’t come over night, but if you make it a lifestyle choice and create new healthy habits, slowly it’ll  become less of an effort.
It’ll be a slow but rewarding process so don’t give up!

Quote & Affirmation

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”
Audrey Hepburn

‘I am Thriving’
I reap the benefits of a life spent in health, joy and contribution.