Corso Fitness“Fitness” is defined as the condition of being physically strong and healthy. There are many elements to fitness including; cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, mobility, body composition, balance and co-ordination. For an all round fitness you can’t have one without the other, otherwise it can cause instability, rigidity or even injuries.

That’s why we have produced a low impact class that accommodates all these elements but doesn’t place unnecessary pressure on the joints or internal organs . By focusing on Functional Training, Mobility Fitness and Cardio we have designed workouts that will create a strong and healthy physic.


Total Fitness

Functional Training
Exercises designed to improve our everyday lives and activities. through training with a purpose.

Typically these exercises consist of:

  • compound movements (total body) that use multiple large muscle groups, that work through multi joints and on multiple planes to mimic everyday movement patterns
  • core focus – helping to stabilise and strengthen you from the inside out
  • kinaesthetic awareness – awareness of how the body moves
  • movements that require co-ordination, balance and stability
  • the use of free weights (dumbbells) from time to time, to add intensity and/or resistance

Mobility Fitness
Mobility exercises look at increasing your range of movement by articulating the joints and the surrounding muscles, all the while improving balance, stability, flexibility and strength.

Increased mobility has shown to:

  • improve your efficiency in everyday activities
  • improve circulation
  • reduce risk of injuries
  • improve posture
  • increase athletic performance
  • reduce stress and tension associated with a sedentary lifestyle
  • reduce lower back pain
  • reduce joint deterioration


Adding a cardio element to the class helps to:

  • improve cardiovascular and respiratory health
  • reduce blood pressure
  • regulate blood sugar levels
  • regulate sleep
  • regulate your weight
  • strengthen your immune system
  • improve brain power
  • boosts your mood

Duration: 1 hour