“Fitness” is defined as the condition of being physically strong and healthy. There are many elements to fitness including; cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, mobility, body composition, balance and co-ordination. For an all round fitness you can’t have one without the other, otherwise it can cause instability, rigidity or even injuries. That’s why we have produced a range of fitness workouts that accommodate all these elements, suitable for all levels, that when put all together creates a strong and healthy physic.


Functional fitness

Circuits involving functional movements and exercises that help us carry out daily tasks in everyday life. The focus is more on muscle strength and endurance using body weight as resistance or equipment such as dumbbells, resistance bands or pilates balls.

Duration: 45mins


Mobility fitness

A workout that uses only body weight and focuses on joint mobility, flexibility, balance and co-ordination as well as muscle strength and endurance. This workout with increase your range of movement, helping to reduce the risk of injuries and improve bone and joint health.

Duration: 45mins


Power fitness

A short and sweet high intensity workout to get the fire burning from within to get the heart rate up, improve cardiovascular endurance and burn calories.

Duration: 30mins


Dance Fit

There’s no better way to exercise than dancing: it’s fun, increases the heart rate and works the muscles without you even noticing it.
These hour long lessons are designed to incorporate dance in a workout that improves coordination, mobility and burns calories while having fun.

At the start of the lesson we will first take a little look at dance technique and different aspects of dance, then we’ll put them all together in a short choreography at the end of the lesson.
Every week the class will progress and we will add on to the choreography, hence we suggest participating in the whole course and not just a single lesson.

Duration: 1 hour