Corso di Ginnastica Ipopressiva

What are Hypopressive Exercises?

These are postural exercises that, when performed correctly, activate the abdominal girdle and pelvic floor.
For an exercise to be Hypopressive, the abdominal pressure must not increase but decrease.

Hypopressive abdominal gymnastics is performed with a professional trainer. The exercises strengthen and reprogram the muscle fibres, restoring the abdominal girdle to its function of correctly containing organs and viscera, thus preventing organs from falling and pelvic floor problems such as urinary incontinence.

It also helps prevent and improve hernias, increases vascularisation of the pelvis and lower limbs. It improves posture, eliminates back and neck pain, reduces the waist, strengthens the legs and arms, and gives a lot of flexibility.

The Postpartum and Hypopressive Exertions

Hypopressive exercises were created by and for women. Especially in this very difficult phase when you are recovering from childbirth and you feel that your body, and especially your abdomen, does not respond as before.

With hypopressive gymnastics you are able to recover your lost tone, reducing your waist circumference. You also recover the position that was changed during pregnancy by the baby’s weight.

When to start postpartum recovery?

You start working after your doctor or midwife tells you that you are ready, more or less 45 days after delivery.

It is very important to start immediately to get the best results and to prevent other conditions such as prolapse, abdominal diastasis and pelvic floor dysfunction.

What is Abdominal Diastasis?
Diastasis is the separation of abdominal muscles at the linea alba. Men and women can have it, although it is very common after childbirth.
Diastasis happens to more than 60 per cent of women and after childbirth it should return to its natural shape, but sometimes it does not.
Several factors can happen, very long delivery, caesarean sections, scoliosis problems and various pregnancies.

Our Hypopressive Gymnastics Lessons

In our studio we teach the Hypopressive RSF Method of Marcel Caufriez who is the creator of the Hypopressive exercises.
This technique is kept alive and in constant development thanks to the Professor who continues his research permanently.

The exercises have had a great impact on the world of professional sport, with many people from the sporting elite already practising it.

ginnastica ipopressiva benefici


  • Recovery of the pelvic floor.
  • Decreases tension on ligaments, prevention of prolapses
  • Reduces or curbs urinary incontinence
  • Improves the return of peripheral circulation in the lower limbs
  • Avoids postpartum depression
  • Reduces the effects of surgery
  • Avoids and corrects abdominal network diastasis